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Untradeable Velcoffer weapons


Just curious why IMC placed untradeable weapons into Velcoffer cube. It is supposed to be a reward with very low chance. But it doesn’t feel like reward at all. More like a punishment.
I cannot use that weapon because my class does not match. I cannot place it into team storage. I cannot invest into transcending.
So the question is:
-Why it is there?


Dismantle for 2-5 velco fragments. Its much better to get a random weapon/armor than a regular fragment from the cubes.

DIsmantling those untradable equips also has a low chance to give a legend grade enchant jewel instead of fragments.


want to ask, I got first armor quest from first time velcoffer, can it dismantle too in regular blacksmith or where?? the prize is fragment too??


You can dismantle it at the alchemist master


hi want to asking, I see in market much cloth type velcoff, are cloth is better than plate? I mean as I know velcoffer damage is base on physical, what do u think better cloth or a plate set?


I think plate is the best pick for PvE after Leather(because c-rate)


Dismantle it so you can have more fragment than usual


Dismantle at alche or normal npc dismantler?


I got 2 velcof fragment for dismantle initial free velcof, imc know how to treat player hahaha