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Unidentified items sells for 0 silver?

What are those unidentified items used for?
As far as I know they sell for 0 silver which make me broke. Got nothing from hunting except my broken weapon and armor which cost silver to repair >.<
How am I suppose to get money to buy super expensive items on the market?
Even hp and sp pots are expensive

Dismantle the unidentified gear, you will get and can sell the nucle/sierra powder. White gear can sell for silver also.
And quest gives silver (yellow quest at least).

If you’re still starting, the first silvers you get will be from quests. When you reach lv 50, you can start entering daily dungeon 3 times which also give silver. Dismantling cost money but you can sell the nucles you get. The only ones worth to dismantle are the gears you get from Ep 12 up maps.

Thanks for all the reply. Seems it’s gonna be very hard to buy expensive items from the market

Early game yes, at end game you make 1mil silver in under 10min so it will get “interesting” eventually

1mil under 10mins? how?

You do challenge mode.

you sell your soul to the devil Kim Hakkyu :tired: