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Unfinity Name Change Request

As asked by support ticket, “Unfinity” requests to change it’s name to “Comfy”.

Request by current Guild Master (team name: Bea)

In the thread is consent by other Unfinity guild members.

Team name: Kaie
Consent given!

Team: Grape
I approve!

Team name: Freiturni
I consent to this name change

Team Name: CelticNinja
Change away!

eh??? but There is exist already Comfy guild with neshoi as guildmaster, in SEA server


Team Name: Mistress
I approve <3

not sure if it’s new or made up of alt accounts
change name to Comfy
Guild name has existed since CBT/OBT

If this is SEA server, then lmao

We were founded in NA Season and just merged to Klaipeda.

Ah if you’re not in SEA, I guess that’s fine. lol

I’m just wondering why would anyone want to use a dead guild’s name (in SEA)