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Unfair unbalance between 2H and 1H "Velcoff set" 2.0

unsolved :tired:

chose 1H weapon allows you to get the velcoff bonus with 3 pieces of armor and 1 off velcoff. so with that you can fill your equipment with 4 pieces solmiks and get the hit and critical bonus from 4 leather pieces or use 3 pieces and use some betther necklace, like agny, electra or an animus.

for exampe a pyro full velcoff with a staff will get 15% for the attribute bonus, but with 1h + off, its get 35%more damage due the agny without loss anything
a Physical dps with 4 leather pieces get 100 acuracy bonus and 230 extra critical damage just for use 1h weapons

this is and injustice with a lot of builds and with he concept of “canoon glass”, because whats the point of chose a 2h weapon if you can get more damage and more deff with 1h and a shield or a dagger?

its this rigth ?

no problem, its hard to get this information I´m thinking on theory crafting too, so maybe it is useless but I cant test it for my self until i get my full velcoff set.

Sorry it seems I made a mistake, see my edited post.

A…2hander weapon has more base damage than a 1hander.

With how the damage formula works, the base damage is worth more than


You can still use agny on a caster regardless?

25 of your damage stat loses out to the increased base.


agree. esp at high enhance/trans, it becomes more obvious

thats another point in another tread that i answer some time ago but the diference between the damage of 1h and 2h its not too much to be better than have an extra slot for som equipments
on solmik weapons the diferenc its just 800 matk on rods/staffs
800 Matks works on dps like 1600 Mampl and its easy get 1600 with an animus and full con, so like this you have the same damage and one extra slot for a shield and get easly 3000 more of deff or a dagger to get more stats/Mamp or Edamage

It’s rather unfair that one hand can’t get two set boni aside from the current set bonus system.

If I were to make the balance decision, I’d set the Velcoffer set boni to be for 2 pieces[stat bonus], 3 pieces[attack bonus] and 4 pieces[bonus skill] respectively so that you can have two Velcoffer set boni at the same time[real set boni, not the simple stat increase which is useless] when wearing two equipments rather than just one in the hand slots.

Let’s face it, the investments on two hand slot items in this game is way higher than one item (regarding shards as transcendence costs, upgrade fees, farming time investments) and we still don’t get any proper benefit from having to invest more in this aspect (block not needed, damage lower than two-handed weapon, less useful gem sockets for casters).

I’m very astonished anyone could come up with the thesis that all this injustice regarding additional investment on two items in comparison to one item would be reversed by the fact you can have the 4 part Solmiki bonus + the 5 part Velcoffer bonus…

+1 for 2H weapons counting as 2 items for set bonuses. The penalty of losing all that PDEF and stats from not having a shield is more than enough…