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Uncommon cm portal limit count

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Server Name: telsiai

Team Name: happen to everyone

Character Name: all

Bug Description : cm now aday count limit in every map or other sv too?
this happen once in dscm on sunday. i doing dscm on afternoon, there no other ppl in same map with us but it keep saying sv is full

and now plesae take a look at ss i put. even in count in same map but that map only have 7ppl
how come it become 8/10

any explain? @GM_Francis

Steps to reproduce the issue :

  1. prepare pt for dscm
  2. gather and buff
  3. portal full

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It could be server delay or there are actually people inside the portal doing CM/mission instance quest/CM normal or other factors … which I think is server delay … I’ve been getting a lot of VGA error and screen hang time from this game after last maintenance …

i agreed on that. but i dont think that is the common feature for mmorpg game should be

during farm season we cant farm
when friend free we cant play
and when we play but sv keep crash and delay like no tmr

maybe i will try ff14. i play game for relax not for make another stress

XDD they say server stabilization but IMC never implmented it just random fix here and there XDD


1000% agreed haha. also ninja patch during sv running

Also Bernice count never resets, so you need to keep track when you do it during the week so you don’t forget.