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Unable to find dsetup.dll

Please fill in as much as you can :
:satisfaction: Greeting I am old player and want to comeback in this game but…

unable to find dsetup.dll :tired:

I tried many way to fix create xml file reinstall and many many way but it didn’t work
I lost a hope to find a solution plz guide me :sad:

I had a similar issue, the first time in years.

I ended up having to update my RivaTuner install. I recommend verifying any other similar monitoring programs are up to date.

Additionally, you can look through or post the latest StackDump located here: ...\TreeOfSavior\release\dump

I know you mentioned it, but make sure you’ve done the usual, delete .xmls, use someone else’s, reinstall DirectX, etc.

Hello @Zynyster

Please send us a support ticket with the details of your concern. Thank you.

Thank you so much “reinstall” it work fine but need to wait a bit when start game

Thank you so much :satisfaction: