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Unable to complete Onmyoji Quest. Bugged?


Please fill in as much as you can :

Date and Time(Please, specify the timezone) :29/09/2018

Server Name: SEA server

Team Name: Timelords

Character Name: Totoro

Bug Description : I have gotten up to the step of being given ‘List of supporters’ for the onmyoji class change quest. Where my first quest was Corsair Master I accepted the quest then proceeded to the Map Rasvoy lake to save the warp goddess statue. I didn’t complete the first quest and went straight to Druid Ellie in Greene Manor to purify the bags which was my second quest. I completed that quest. I then went back to Rasvoy Lake and Ouass Memorial to farm the ‘Simple brooch’ and to no avail for the 4+ hours it hasn’t dropped.


any updates on this? i have the same problem.


You’re probably missing a step. I’d check the guide and re-read very carefully.


Can’t you simply abandon the quest? Onmyoji quest is easy because you get a random quest from a pool and some are trivial. Just restart until you get an easy one if possible.