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Umm, Returning Player looking for some help/guidence

As stated by the title. I’m a returning player from 5 years ago… Been a very long time since I have played and would like to get back into this game again. A lot has changed since then it seems and well I like to have some new friends if that i possible. I have discord that I can use to connect with others and chat about classes and builds ect. Anyhow thanks in advance to anyone that comes to help or give advice.

@Kenken33 I saw that you was offering help in another post. This is my only way to contact you if you see this know that I’m too looking for help and just some guidance along my path in Tree of Savior. I don’t know how to DM you just yet so I’ll use your name here.

Go add me on discord so I can send ya the invite link ~ BakedPotatoes~#0259

It seems your discord name isn’t working or wrong. This is my Discord Corvun#5865