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UI Scaling and customization

never change anything in the game, just install addons! 2020-08-07 18 39 17|201x82

i do agree with all you said, about experience and everything else and i do believe you are reluctant to use addons or maybe you have not know about them so well by your statement BUT everything you said here :

can be done with addon, that was released pretty much a few months after the game first launched years ago, and to this day have been updated multiple times, with new addons poping up with different types of UI all together, allowing to change pretty much everything you asked about.

i don’t know you and where i agree you are right that game develops should offer most of the things you are asking about in their own games, addons in the end exist for a reason, because they do what the develops have not done themselves to make the overall game experience better, hell even imc released a official statement about addons and it’s usability a way back, so is not surprise for anyone that they have not add all things you asked about as official tool, because since the game launched there is already a perfect and viable tool to do it, that is the extend UI addon, with a few other that also changes UI and layout if you want , but extend UI alone do everything asked for with the others just making it even better.

doesnt matter, just use addons

since you are asking for them, as i said before, extended UI right now allows you to re resize pretty much almost 90% of the UI you see, changing not only it’s position but also it’s size.

but if you want something extra, since i do admit that extendUI is somehow crude when dealing with some targets, there is others like : small UI that decrease the skill bar as whole, allowing you even to select the size and space of each skill slot, Small UI also downsize the quest-map and the buttons, like tp etc.
those are the big ones i use and the fit better with what you are asking.
but there is a few others too but i have use them for a long time that i don’t even remember all their name but i will give their description and you without doubt can find them on the addon manager.
one : that creates a entire new HP-sp-stamina etc frame, and pretty nice one at that, but i don’t recall it’s name right now.
second: sub quick slot; that allows you to create your quick slot for skill all together, allowing you to even give up on the standard skill bar and create one the size-where you want.
edit: there is also a few other variants of quick slot addons, that allows you to create your own skill bar, this is just the one i use, but you are free to search-check the other ones too.

those are the 4 main ones i’m using right now, there is a few others too.
extended UI works perfectly with most of them because you are allowed to replace the standard UI, using extend UI to make them vanish and use the addon UI.

there is also a third one: that deal with buttons all together too if my memory does not fail me, but i don’t use them for while , i don’t recall if they are lost in limbo of “att’s” and does not work anymore or not since small UI deal with the buttons enough for my liking so i replaced them.

again; i won’t say is perfectly and again i won’t disagree that the develops should have provide the tools themselves but they clear did not and the addons pop up in the long run of tos development, it how it is now and at least i’m happy with it and it’s addon, it fulfill all my needs of UI changing, and this is enough for me, it may not be enough for you, but this is life, i truly believe that all of the addons i mentioned here is enough for most people.


I honestly do not even care anymore, just use addons