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UI frozen during Instances

Server Name: Klaiapeda

Team Name: Silloin

Bug Description :
When you start a dungeon stance using the matchmaking sometimes (almost always), the UI frozen.
You can see your buffs, hp, sp, map position and if the character hp is reduced to 0 the revive message never pop up. Also, you don’t get the message to exit, the only way to fix that is closing the game.

Steps to reproduce the issue :

  1. Start a Instance
  2. The minimap takes a lot to show up
  3. When the minimap shows up the bug starts.
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welcome to my world :frowning:

Is so annoying and happens at start of game too or at random on field maps :rage:


The worst part is that you need to close the game everytime :confused:

I just play the instance or let my team play it :pensive: and try to do stuff and stay alive…

is annoying but I need the exp and cubes :confused:

for common freeze I just leave the map to another back and forward until it get fixed

I’m having the same problem, in my case, it happens when I enter the dungeon through match macking, for enter now the dungeon does not show error.

Up… this bug is still there

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i have tons of tickets about that bug. And nothing solved

still bugged up to now

Same here. I can’t believe they haven’t fixed this yet.

I have a similar bug in Salus

I play with control and always leave the option “auto” in UI mode.

1 - When I enter the salus and press a button on the joystick the controller interface does not change, it stays as it is in the Screen shot. I have to always open the settings and manually change to see the interface.

(This error happens only in 1 of 3 runs, but has rarely happened with another character.)

2 - Whenever that mistake happens another problem comes along. I can not see the skill buffs that I or some ally uses. the HP and SP bar also stays static and does not change when I take damage.

I’m starting to think, they messed up something related to the netcode, when I’m downloading something this is even more intense, I’m glitched even in Klaiapeda with the “I can’t talk with the NPCs” bug.

I think the problem is related to the translation.

Here those errors go away when I switch to Kr and then I go back to Eng in the translation settings. But then the problem repeats itself.