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Typo: Baron Munchausen quest The Great Problem Solver (1)

To quote the second dialog that pops up when taking this quest: “You probably want to be my understydt…”

I am assuming the intended word was “understudy”


In the same quest line, there is a line of dialog that follows mixed grammar.

“The ghosts are, ipso facto, responsible for this naughty occurences”

Now the word should be spelled “occurrences” however I think that plural should be made singular “occurrence”

Case and point the two formats would read as either: “… responsible for this naughty occurence” or “… responsible for these naughty occurrences”

The typo is incorrect, but whether you want the sentence to read singular or plural is entirely up to you, but I think this should be changed to these in that format.

(Sorry for being a-retentive, I’m not normally a grammar nazi!)

I am picking apart this Baron Munchausen.

In accepting the second quest, The Great Problem Solver (2), when you accept he says “Students are go! Prithee, be haste, those innocent immigrants are suffering from the monsters!”

In the definition of the word haste, a dated/archaic phrase using it is to “make haste”. Be haste makes no grammatical sense. You could say “be hasty” instead if you prefer.