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Two years returnee asking for build digest

Man has this game changed. So long story short I’m looking to jump back in and have zero idea what each class has become. Last I played Chaplainquisitor was still a thing. My questions:

  1. Which class combo gives the most defensive buffs or can tank?
  2. Which class combo gives the most offensive buffs and/or the most debuff?
  3. Which class combo has the most physical damage?
  4. Which class combo has the most magical damage?

Like you, I came back after a year hiatus and a lot has changed, some for the better, some for the worse.

While I cannot give you the exact answers to the questions you are asking, here is a link to the top builds:

Generally, the classes maintained their roles from the previous iteration of the Class Tree system so tanking would fall to the peltasta or the rodelero, etc.

As for which combos deal the most physical/magical damage, I cannot give a direct answer again. Look for the classes that allocates the most stat points to the desired stat. This is generally reflected well in the top builds in the link I provided above since most players would go for most damage.

I hope this helps a bit. The new Rank System sort of sucks but at the same time, it allows for experimentation. In your return package, you should have class reset coupons and skill reset pots, in which case just experiment with what you find to be most enjoyable. (still a crap system for the game’s longevity though)

Wow. Only you replied after 24 hours. I guess the forum is dead for good huh? Thank you for the answer. I think for healing I see Priest-Diev-Miko, for magic I think Druid-PD-Exo, and there’s Pala-Zealot-Inqui for physical. Does that sound about right? I don’t see any particularly tanky combo though. I don’t see any Monk or Chaplain in the top 10. That’s kinda sad after all the trouble they went through to overhaul Chap.

well maybe some are too tired respond the same questions over and over again
this topic pop up quite often you know
if you manage to make use of find topic/post feature in forumyou ll find the answer in second
even better spend time in youtube and see tos gamers playing the metas and see how it works
but heres my quick answer
talk about build or combo, you can also spend time seeing bernice dungeon ranking or make use of this ignored feature