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Two quick questions about automatch

Seeing how hard it is to find anyone for automatch these days if you miss the “trains”, I was wondering if the following could be implemented:

  • one automatch Q for all servers instead of one per server (like it was when season servers were active)
  • “live” indicator on how many people are already in the Q so you don’t waste your time buying vouchers and entering empty Qs (especially on sunday when the entry you buy is reset the next day)

Lag wouldn’t be a big issue as I know people from EU that have an account on the SEA server and their ping is roughly 200ms (it’s even less than 100ms for me on the NA server). After that it’s just a technical issue (and will to implement something at this point)…

Just “these days”? You sure? Why im not surprised

This was done with level dungeon eons ago but there were issues they couldnt fix and they chose to abandon it

This is quick ticket to feel depressed because that way you will witness that the game is doomed and lack of players. Their best bet is to implement mercenary system like applied in many games even in tos mobile.

This game is now no mere than empty shell for those current leaderboard achiever and gtw enthusiast that imc keep fed with more powercreep to stick around

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