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Two Handed Build Best build?


Hi guys i played ToS when the game start like 2 years ago and i start playing like a month ago with a friend again.

I saw that are a ton of new specs and ranks in the game and im a bit lost / confussed.

The thing is… that i want to play with an 2 handed sword character in the game like a Lord Knight in Ragnarok Online.

I dessign a build but i dont know if it is accurate or what i need to remove or put in the build to improve it…

The thing is that i want a character like this without companion. And i dont know if it is there is a self buff that can parry attacks (i found a skill in Highlander but its active and only do an stance).

Here is the build in question… If someone can give me some insight i will be very happy!

Thanks in advance :smiley:


The stats that i give are without stat bonnuses only the ones in lvl ups at 390: 91 Con 100 Dex and 216 Str it gives me without equip 50k Hpand 500 crit damage.


use this most updated simulator
and your stat will be fixed by what jobs you pick

for now just pick any doppel build which can level up the fastest
read these


Ty for the info!! that will help me a lot in the upcoming time thanks!!