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Turn off world announcement for vaivora drop!

It only makes 1 person happy and the rest 99.99% population salty. For greater good, turn that off.
Thank you

Nothing to be salty about.

You can use addon to block if you want

Able to block other announcement from events/gacha as well


This made me laugh @Ersakoz :joy: its like turn off your world shout too.

+1 to this.

Getting notified about somebody got a time rush or slash space is a good entertainment to me.

But why would you want to miss out on 7 or 8 chaplain maces dropping in a 24 hour period? It’s hilarious.

The day when IMC decided it was necessary to announce to the entire universe that someone had won a “The Invited One” costume during one of the events


But bro, it is/was very important to know that someGuy001 just got a solo Asio or whatever old solo Raid jackpot… while we are in MoringHardRaid.
I love these world msgs covering useless MoringHardRaid msgs and risking a screwup or wipe!



i experienced that one time while in moring normal and curse gimmick turn

jackpot announce popup and not see who being targeted :rofl:

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It actually makes me more motivated to do a lot of CM <3 so shouts are fine for me :smiley:

When “F” shout is necessary :joy:

i can feel the salt when this post made.

if you are those who get like 3 or even more vaivoras a week, or those who constantly snacthing archstone from gg, you ll be happy to throw the salts across the servers

also this way we also know if vaivora drop not broken(not yet or not yet leaked:p). if some cheater decided to break vaivora drop we should know it rightaway, like that lousy cleric guy who cheat bernice that makes me hate to do it.

though i agree about the invited one costume.
did they even think its some SSS item or what lol

God bless. Thank you.

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