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Trouble dealing damage tel harsha

how strong do i need to be to be able to beat him? i cant seem to do enough damage as i take around 2 minutes to do 5% damage on him. and im fightning the level 1 power version.

my gear is event gear but i cant seem to find upgrades who would triple or quadruple my damage

i play: inquisitor / zealot / paladin

what i have:

lvl 450
543 DEX
1332 STR
24000~27000 phys ATK (with maintenance)
event lvl 3 ark (wrath of god)

crit rate 1400

all my skills are atribute lvl 100 and my strongest skill is arts enhanced to lvl 20 so far.


  • 2 pieces dont have STR random ichor (chest and trinket have dex instead)
  • no crit rate on any random ichor
  • event gear, so, all fixed ichors are Galimive dysnai, even the armor pieces (STR 64, INT 64, CON 50, Crit rate 90)
  • no relevant seal, so boruta seal lvl 1 is 15% damage i am missing

can someone who do this boss weekly give me a normal stat treshhold of what is needed?
i mean i know glacia weapons and armor are better but they dont seem triple better than what i have more like 20~30% better as far as i can see, what am i missing here? why im so much weaker?

what red cards are you using? Cursed Devil Glove cards increases damage by [★]% to mutant monsters. Tel harsha is mutant. I’ve never played physical cleric, so I can’t comment much on the build.

right now im using glass mole cards, +30% phys damage when using a SP potion, but yeah, i even forgot that, i should have timmed the sp pots whith my damage burst windows, should help

Cursed Devil Glove is 100% uptime and no need to do anything to proc the effect, but this only works for mutant monsters. I personally have different of cards for different raids. For legend card, I’d suggest marnox legend card. I’d get rid of galimive and get something better. Tel harsha’s crit resist is around 5k, 1400 crit rate wont cut it.

Did you get set effect, like sauk or balinta? That one helps too.

Also make sure to have some accuracy, Tel Harsha can dodge a lot

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Glacia leather would aready double your damage, If you are not using Balinta yet, its better to get going, because will increase even more your damage.
Refining and transcending acessories will also increase your damage.

Crit rate on every piece in order to be able to crit also boost your damage a bunch.

Thats all i can figure whats lacking. Having build with decent combat capabilities makes the fight smoother also.

I hope it helps :haha:

Edit: Oh yeah, and try to get a hand on one or more pieces of Goddess/DemonLord ichors. These alone can help a lot also.

oh right, i think i need glacia indeed, ill be focusing on that, i think that alone may be enough difference to pass at least level 1 for now, thanks

Try challenge again at higher level. 455+

mine is 37k-40k before maintenance

Inquisitor needs a vaivora, why didn’t you get the free one from event? Also the trinket coordination? Well assuming you wasn’t aware of those. Also first strike fixed ichors for armors are cheap, they have high crit stats. Your current crit won’t be enough for tel harsha. Just a few more farms and you’re there.

If you would take 40 mins to complete this, you would need something to pump your damage by more than 100%. At this point, the only things that could help you are set effect (Balinta or Sauk) and goddess/demon armor. Everything else is just minmaxing.

The EP12-1 gear with all the upgrades should be enough to probably double or triple your DPS. If you don’t have this yet, this is your first focus. My Onmyoji with full ep12-1 stuff (+11 t8 weapon and trinket with vv ichors, armor with Galimive, Sauk set) can clear stage 1 in 7 minutes. Your build should be as effective.

Yeah this is clearly too low. All your equipment parts should have +STR (75+ on armor/trinket, 240+ on weapon). All my endgame characters have 1900-2200 INT/STR.

Also too low. Recent events gave a ton of blue sandras to help reroll Savinose items, you should reroll them until you get critical rate on most of them.

Should go up with more STR. An extra 600 STR is 2400 extra atk. However this sounds like really low for Dysnai equipment, which makes me think you’re still using Legva equipment (my Inquisitor which I didn’t upgrade yet has roughly the same atk with its Legva obsolete equipment).

Don’t confuse raw attack and final damage. You need to take into consideration the defense of the boss. Let’s say you have 27k atk and the boss defense is such that your final damage is 4k. Now you increase your raw attack to 31k… and your final damage is 8k. Basically an increase of 15% in your attack resulted in doubling your damage output!

Also something to consider: accuracy. This was my main mistake which made me fail at killing Tel Harsha initially: my Dysnai didn’t have any accuracy lines and the overall value was around 600. After being told to look at how I was performing, I remarked that many skills I was casting were missing the boss. I rerolled some random lines on my Dysnai until my accuracy increased to roughly 1500. Now I barely see any misses…

I still need to know how to reach such value. My best char has 35k, and the only thing I miss is +21 weapon that would simply increase attack by something like 1k.

In fact you have an alternative if you don’t want to invest too much in a DPS char: just make a Healer and use assisters, you will be able to clear stage 4 really easily.

Have you use glacia armor set? They double your DPS against Tel harsha.
My weapon are both +16 T10 glacia with STR ichor. Ah, pardon my slopiness, i forgot to substract luci set from my stats. As far as i can remember, i started farming tel harsha stage 7 since i equip moring acc set.

Important thing is Accuracy + Damage then if you do the stage 7 the spiders … they add more to its dodge/flee??? ability XDD I suffered a lot before but now … easy peazy with my 2.8k accuracy as Kino Rc … also easy to 1 hit those spiders with my aoes …

In fact I have 2 DPS chars: a wizard and a crusy. The wizard (which I’m currently using) is level 460 and equipped with Savinose for CM and such, the crusy is full glacia with overload ichors, but currently still level 450. I’ll try with that char when it’s leveled up to 460, should be much easier.

No Lucy yet :frowning:

Nah it’s just each stage that increases all of Tel Harsha’s stats exponentially…

is the main point. Because once you completed your luciferie set, then farming tel harsha is just for reputation point/arch stone frag chance.

Basically, basic atk numbers is not the only relevant source for damage.

  • Glacia leather amor set increase dmg by 100%
  • Goddess/demon ichors set increase 30% per part; 120 for 4.
  • Balinta 6 set effect increase by 50% 75 if you have boruta seal 3
  • Boruta seal inc by 15%
  • Correct type cards 30%

There is also legend cards, karaliene, luciferie, arks, but the above should be enough for you to kill tel harsha even on level 7.

Also btw, STR or INT (depends on build) helps too