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[Tree of Savior Japan closes.] Will iTos possibly be next?

Sad Song

link: [JP]

its taken directly by IMC, please read that translation again

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Would suck if players lose all their data, but JP players shouldn’t be too daunted by IMC taking direct control.

Nexon’s decision to end their service. IToS is not published by Nexon and thus is in no danger.

Also, as stated above, IMC will be taking up the reins and publishing the service for Japan going forward, so again, this is purely a Nexon decision. The posting calls it a “Service Change Notice” and that’s exactly what it is.


what im curious about is if the new JP serer will launch through Steam or if they get their own Launcher or something.
and if it does launch through Steam it would bring the JP version up to the same client version as us, and how that will affect patches moving forward, if they would take more time to come out cause they’d have to translate everything to english and japanese before shipping it.

Ahh, just when I outfitted my first char with +11 legendary weapon/armor. IMC won’t let me go after all.



Well, maybe, if Nexon discontinues kTOS, iTOS will become truly international. (if j and k will be added to Steam)

Also, an English-translated client.

Let’s see, how many players (and bots) iTOS will gain :tired:

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appreciation and appreciation

It is actually RIP, Nexon decided to close the server and it says IMC will create a new server for JTOS and aiming at within 2019, but your data will not be transferred. It’s a whole new server, also, creating the new server is not a confirmation yet, it’s just in plan.

So they’re shutting it down without transferring data. Why would anyone want to start new lol…

They just got boruta guild update…

Nexon’s slowly going under. They’ve cancelled one of their most anticipated games recently and fired their entire mobile Nexon US team.


RIP, Peria Chronicles :tired:

This is becoming interesting.

next on the sights, Tos TH by Nexon TH

Now… ToS TH terminated Service. :grinning:

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