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Tree of Savior: Assister System Walk-through/Guide

Video Description :

  1. Assister is a content to achieve and grow monsters that aids in battle direct and indirectly.
  2. The achieved Assisters can be summoned in Casual Raid, Remnants of Bernice Dungeon, and Weekly Boss Raid and fight alongside battles. The character’s stats can be increased by growing and combining the Assisters.
  3. Assisters take the figure of miniature boss monsters, and can be achieved in card form.
    ➤ Assister System:
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    ➤ 0:00 - 4:45 | Questline + rewards
    ➤ 4:50 - 5:25 | How to use Assister Album
    ➤ 5:30 - 5:54 | How to add monsters into Assister Cabinet
    ➤ 6:00 - 6:30 | Fusion Guide
    ➤ 6:36 - 6:53 | Evolve Guide
    ➤ 6:56 - 7:10 | Exp Guide

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It’s Leafre bgm, you betrayal!!!


Ayeee! Someone finally figured out the BGM! :smiley:

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ugh maple bgm hahaha … i spent a lot of time there farming those skeletons …and dragons …

10 years here ever since Pre-big bang. Decided to quit several years ago. I had some good time. Especially grinding Shanghai map and trying out New Zero class + etc.

anyone know the full loot drops from assistor dungeon?

First card choice is random, I didn’t get Rafene in the mix (5 garbage cards) so I picked anything knowing I would never use it. :frowning:

Correct me but shouldn’t we get two albums at the beginning (we see the option twice when talking)?

Those “random card” albums are frustrating. You choose one card, it’s garbage, then you uncover the others and… oh oh oh there’s Boruta! toooooo baaaaaaad! Misrus was behind door #4! Why not simply give a random card instead…

I regret not being able to use the assists during quests, they would really help for episode 12 :frowning:

Yep, making you see the other choices is simply useless and unnerving. I wonder why even making them like that, just give one card and leave it at that. It’s not like you can do anything about it once chosen.

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So the assister system is shared across characters which is great except you have to manually change the cards every time you change character because different classes require diff stats from assisters right? So is there a way around this?

  1. play only 1 character
  2. don’t bother for the small bonus

or simply spend 30 seconds to switch the cards, it takes even less time than switching monster cards for different contents like PVP or specific bosses.

I lose less time switching assisters compared to all the delay in CM or raids or daily dungeons.

i didnt get any album or card from the npc am i doing something wrong ? bug ? or there is quest before i should do first