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Tree of savior Arbalester Precision bugged and PVP reduce dmg apply?

Please fill in as much as you can :

Server Name: Telsiai

Team Name: Ozpin

Character Name: Polaris

Bug Description :
Arbalester Precision at the past will auto open, after new patch that function gone
like this video .

moreover, i saw this patch notice has appling PVP dmg reduce, but now compare with 3months before,
now anything got 1hit, i don’t know is it real balance

This PVP statement come from (

  • The damage applied according to the skill factor in the PVP is reduced.
  • The higher the skill factor, the more reduced damage output.
  • This change also applies to Friendly Duel.
Skill Factor Previous Damage After the Change Damage Decline Rate
2000% 2180 1764 19.08%
20000% 19430 12055 37.95%

is it really apply?