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Explanation regarding the Topic Creation

This topic has the following purposes:
1 - Serve as an all purpose discussion for Crusader topics and builds.
2 - Promote the class use though helping newcomers understand both how the Cleric tree works and how Crusader works.
3 - Contain in one place all Deus Vult memes (if possible only inside discord).
4 - Promote the idea of Crusader centered guilds.
5 - Increase the number of Crusader players at all servers as much as possible.

Since the announcement of the Crusader, I have been thinking about the tradition in some mmorpgs to make guilds where all members were the holy knight type class. Although we always had such classes since the beginning, the Crusader and it’s power (and by that I mean high numbers) and popular fantasy of making an Order with lots of other Crusaders for one common objetive can now be a Symbol for such thing to happen. Therefore I shall make the initiative and group all people who welcome this idea, let’s all populate servers with Crusaders, helping each other overcome difficulties and fighting the good crusade!

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What is the Crusader class?
The Crusader is a class within the Cleric tree that allows both healing and damage through stances using the Chant skill.
It is a class that uses magic type damage, however the hybrid nature of the Cleric tree will fit and welcome this nicely.

I also did a discord server for future interactions focused on this class

I also will start by studying whatever I can to better make use of the Crusader skills. I have ktest and I can start testing some things, but I know fellow cleric veterans might add more than me, so feel free to theorycraft.

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I never see ktos video healer with crus in their build. The heal not impressive. No special factor to even make it a support class. It’s just another magic dps class to pair or replace exo.

You mean to say that Crusader ends up being not an optimal healer for there would be better options? Because the only thing that I would complain is that his healing is based on the melee range AOE effect (as it is shared with the damage versions).

Regarding the numbers, it could be buffed eventually.

All you need as healer is cleric and priest’s heal/revive/resurrection then follow up with other class that gives utility like diev, oracle, kabbalist, etc. You can discuss crusader as dps class and not as healer/hybrid cos it lack the healer/utility role and just waste the dps potential if you using healing chant or art attribute.


Crusader looks interesting.

He can be played both offensively and defensively with a simple switch of a skillmode.
Even if he is not that impressive as a healer, it still helps out in a dire situation and/or in case you need some extra feature to boost the gameplay experience.

Crusader takes the right approach towards the problem of a cleric class being purely supportive, defensive or aggressive.
It’s strange that the class is a magic cleric, although it should have been a physical or maybe hybrid class.
Looking at the recent changes that put mace on par with rods, making a cleric class feature both types of attack wouldn’t be too far from reality, even more so as the mace class attribute boosts the characters healing value by 10%, while exorcist got a boost on rods via attribute.

In any case, the advent of crusader might probably introduce a new approach on the cleric class tree with a possibility to change the way cleric is supposed to be played, which in turn would improve the synergy between classes and play styles.