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Treasure Hunter Eden buttons
“Do it anyway” isn’t really an appropriate response to the dialogue here. Shouldn’t be hard to figure out something better, but I have no idea what the original said.
Button says “I’ll check if Edang’s words are correct”

Should be Eden obviously, but “I’ll check if what Eden says is true” would be nicer overall.

Also, during the Fragment Finder part 2, unfortunately I didn’t get a screenshot because it disappeared too quickly. You go a little northeast of treasure hunter eden and you’re looking for buried fragments, and when you find enough, a message appears on the screen saying that you have them all, but I believe I saw the number 10 in front of the text for that message. It faded too quickly for me to catch with a screenshot, unfortunately.

Hey there,

Thanks for your report. Noted and updated. :smile:

About the last part: I believe the 10 indicates the amount of fragments you’ve currently have. It is most likely a programming issue.

Another one that I didn’t manage to get a screenshot of. When accepting the Expired Contract quest the accept button says “Tell that you will do it”
Should be “Say that you will do it” or “Tell him that you will do it”
I accepted too quickly and missed taking screenshot, sorry u.u

Noted. Thanks. If you encounter more of these typos, please let me know. :slight_smile:

I missed a screenshot of another piece of text. It appeared in red at the top of the screen for the “Curiosity Killed the Epigraphist” quest. “Magburk killed epigraphist Smid! Defeat Magburk!” His name was actually Schmid or something like that. Sorry I missed the screenshot, it was only up for a second or two u.u

Noted. Thank you for your attentiveness. :smile: