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Translation Dialogue(ICBT 2)

The corrected/added words are Bold words.(below the screenshot)

Be careful,i almost got attacked as well.

I just need a little time so…

There is a space between the:and they kept on scratching it as if they were in pain.

There is a space between:that was around seven years old.

There is a space between the:in that case,i shall try to interpret the goddess…

Text in wrong line.
But I have not heard from him since then.

Should correct this dialogue:He ask a question and answer it and ask a question again.


im not sure about this dialogue.he didn’t release saule,i think should be:
If it isnt you,the one who release goddess saule.

The person in charge is Niels,so if you have any question,talk to him at the Research Camp.

The medicine will help to ease his mind.

5x bag with graverobbing Equipm*
Did he really say two times or double type?
Tell him that if you see them,you would tell them to go back to the camp

I will try to cheer up myself one more time.

Oh,i really thank you for helping me the last time.

But,uh,i’m too hungry and I do not have energy to go back to captain.
There is a double IF
Why is he saying:Are WE there yet?i think WE need to eat…(he is the one who need to eat so
should say):Did you bring the food?i think I need to eat…

There is a space between: entrance of the canyon.


Got these covered. Thanks for the screens.

Good catch on the double Ifs


There are more screenshot…

I will post it when i got time.



It’s fortunate that both of you are okay.

Here is a very dangerous place where many people went missing due to monsters or a misstep.

[Should be] : It’s raining heavily
[I think better than crazy]: Monsters are more violent on these days.

[Not sure] Missing object or hidden object?

[should be] : The answer must be inside because of the bleak atmosphere inside exudes (exude what?) that makes me hesitate to go in.

[there is a space between] : moves by the key.
[sounds better] : We are not the Chosen one.

Text in wrong line

[incomplete words] x1 varkis’ Research [Material]

Was it really this fragile.

Quest say Ridimeds but monster name is Black Ridimed.

Double word for of : plenty of of nature’s energy.

Not translated

Got them. Thanks for your help. :+1:

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Should adjust the pop up [Quest].
Should be : and we will lose colleagues.

The Sign ! show Got beef Jerky but the item name Thoroughly Dried Jerky.i think should be Dried Jerky.


But I’m sure there is something that we all forgotten.

I don’t quite understand the dialogue and coup de tat?

The Quest Log for text and space should be adjust.
Wrong name : I’ll check if Edang’s words are correct>should be Eden’s.
Add word : The artifacts that Raymond…
I personally think the Tama had swallowed them.

Ignored this screenshot if nothing is wrong with the dialogue.

After a century of achieving only nothing,I did start to regret the life I lived.

‘‘Zubeck’s Secret Moves’’ item : wrong spelling for thief.

Why did he say go!? : Look at yourself go!

Should it be? : I said it’s not Deadborn but he’s still worrying like that.

Double ‘n’ letter for : I need some time to think.

Quest Log : need to adjust text line.
Quest Dialogue : ‘‘Do not enter’’ > option for accept should change to Enter and Cancel should change to Leave.

Why he didn’t thanks the player? they didn’t defeat the Ironbau.

Need to Adjust text line

Should it be : I have something to ask from you.i’m worried about the soldiers who are suffering pain due to the Ravinelarvae.

I appreciate for your kind help.One day,i will return you a favor when I meet your soul form.

The NPC Liliya is female : Ask her what kind of food she wants.
The Dialogue should it be? : Please get me something to eat,anything will do.

The NPC Liliya is female : Ask her if there’s anything she particularly wants.
The second line dialogue doesn’t make sense.

Should he say? : Oh my goddess or girl? instead of G

Should be : Ahh…instead of Ahah? and ‘‘I will probably never see you again.’’

[Not sure for second line] should be? : Instead of starving to death,we are risking our lives.

Quest Log : adjust for text line.
Pop up Quest Description : [second sentence] Get rid of the Orange Stumpy Trees on the farm.

Double for ‘‘Well done’’?

[second line] : If this continues,people will die.

NPC Charlotte is a female : Ask her what’s the matter and I will help

[Pop up quest description] : …if you bring him the stolen grain bag that the soldiers have hidden.

[missing word for pop up quest description] : Gedson told you to help him,or else you can’t enter the farm…

NPC Druid is a female : I will collect for her

NPC Druid is a female : Tell her that everything will be alright[remove the word ‘‘the’’]
[second line] : I hope it works out fine and you also get to see it,Revelator!

NPC Druid is a female : Ask her if there’s anything more to help > you will leave since you helped her out

Those brothers who used to be kind to each other,are now hurting each other.

[not sure if he make?priest][second line] : How could I be a priest,[should be?]

[wrong spelling?] : About the object of the demons

[Last sentences should remove the comma?] : But now …

[wrong name for ‘‘Rieszhkio City’’ on the map]

NPC Cleric Master is female : Ask her about how to purify the Sanctum

Cant see the last words

[Should correct description for] : Return Location : Wash basket? and apsimesti crossroads is next map(not this map)

There is space between words

NPC priest Inea is female : Tell her not to worry and trust you

Screenshot above is just to show the NPC

Big Stamina Pill wrong description?or bug?

Should center the sentences for the pop up quest
[remove 've from we] : We were sent from the congregation…
[Correct the sentences] : First,we should be finding the documents that were scattered here,

[Second line] : We may lose their lives.
[not sure about] I move those people out?[move?]

Wrong name for Gausa Workplace on the map>[map show Gausa Workshop] <(incorrect)

[Second line] : I’m also thankful to the druid here.You are also a good person like him.

[Pop up quest wrong word for ‘‘pocket’’] : Please bring the seed pouch from the Farm Plaza.

[Pop up quest wrong word for ‘‘plate’’] : …with the Water-Filled Stone Bowl that Druid …

Martinek say he will persuade the owner…[continue next screenshot]

now he say he has no idea how to persuade the owner…[continue next screenshot]

[Confusing what the druid is going say]
[not sure][should it be] : The owner of Shaton may have listened to me.

NPC Vanessa is female : Ask her what you should do
[confuse about using you or I for the quest option]

Infantry Armor description : wrong spelling for ‘‘beginning’’

The End for my Report and thanks for helping the translation.

Thanks for all your help. Some lines imo were correct the way they were but you found a lot of typos and gender issues. That is great help, thanks again.