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Transform companions bonus

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I want to propose to remove the special bonus from companions (increase pierce-type damage, increase looting chance, etc) and create harness that give that kind of bonuses.

This change would make companions more interesting to all players because now it all would be like a stetic stuff, meaning that it would be interesting not only to that players who wants their current special bonus, it would be interesting to all who like the stetic of that companion.

For example: imagine that 10 people like the Hedgehod companion, but only 2 of them use pierce attack classes. After this change, them all could be interested on it and able to put the buff that they want between this kind of special buffs.

The new companions could continue being from goddess’ blessed cubes and leticia’s secret cubes like an stetic stuff. In the other hand, i propose to make harness able to be obtained in game (like buy it on NPC Christina and upgrade it by some way or drop it from raids (just ideas)).

The other option would be to do it the other way around (harness from cubes and companions from game).

I hope you like the idea!! :satisfaction:

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Interesting, but a tad complicated, so it’s less likely to be introduced.

How about adding a card slot to the companion instead for the companion bonus?

The card itself would determine the type of the buff, for example, adding a Gorkas card would give flat 555 looting chance.
To give each companion some uniqueness, make them have a differently coloured card slot type that allows all cards, but boosts effects of cards of the same colour by 40%.

For example, the golden pig and the cadet armadillo are support type, featuring a green card slot, so the value of Gorkas would go from 555 to 777.

The hedgehog and normal armadillo are defensive type, featuring a blue card slot, so the value of flammidus card would go from 500 fire property resistance to 700 fire property resistance.

The Roxodon is an offensive type, featuring a red card slot, so the value of a devil glove card will go from +500 attack against mutant type monsters to +700 attack against mutant type monsters.

The Assistant Robot Puppy is a special type, featuring a purple card slot, so the value of a Molich card would go from +300 block to +420 block

and so on.

Most base effects could be copy-pasted from lvl 100 common attributes, leaving only a few to balance (green base stat gains, maybe something like 20 or 30 to not make them overpowered).

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Doing this, the suggestion would become useless. The idea is about make them all (all companions) as usefull as the rest of companions to make them become a esthetic stuff that is able to use each special bonus.

Anyway the idea about put cards on them to get bonuses could be another option (i mean, instead of harness), but anyway the result should be the same (cards, harness, whatever). Its true that make it be by cards should be easier to introduce it because cards currently exist in the game, harness doesnt exist at the moment.

Ty for your contribution!!