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Transcendence Scrolls were not adjusted to new level gear cap

Date and Time(Please, specify the timezone) : BRT

Server Name: Silute

Team Name: Frozenheart

Character Name: Gungnir

Bug Description :
According to the last patchnotes, Sandras and some items were changed to make them able to use on level 440 Legend Glacia Gears, but that didn’t happened to ‘Stage 10 Transcende Scroll’ and this item still the same thing as before. So, it is necessary to update this items, since you officially announced that they would be changed to turn them able to use on those gears.

Steps to reproduce the issue :

  1. Get a transcendence scroll item and use it;
  2. Put Legend Glacia Gear in the slot;
  3. Check the error message that you cannot transcend this item.

Screenshots / Video :
The item

The patch-note

Game Control Mode (Keyboard/Joypad/Mouse) :

Not necessary

Lv420 Scrolls are not changed. Only 430s
Not a bug.

Yep, it is written even in the patch screenshot you posted. Only the ones that were 430 got pushed up.

But is there any scroll which was used til 430? Because even before the patch, all went til 420, from Event and the last Poposhop, at least. Dunno if there was any Transcendence Scroll from TP Cubes that was til 430, could not find any on last Leticia Cubes too.

And the patchnotes itself was plenty filled with contradictions and mismatched information about drops and etc. So I thought they maybe made a mess with those levels while written it.

Trans10 Scroll from PP was 430. And i think some other event Scroll or from TP too.

there some scroll that are 430, i got my T10 lv430 scroll from ToS Stamp event,

Well, the printed item is a scroll that I got on Summer Stamp Event. And another one that I have, was from the previous Stamp Tour Event that also gave Ruby Anvils. I just find strange keep those outdated items that exclude new content, since most part of players are on the end-game.

Level 430 scrolls and anvils were pushed up because a lot of players were purchasing/obtaining them expecting the new equipment to be level 430. IMC had also said at some point that the new legend raid gear and Savinose gear would be level 430, so in KR, players were purchasing and holding onto Diamond Anvils and Transcendence Scrolls in preparation. When it was decided the gear would become 440, they pushed up the level requirement of these scrolls to 440 so that these players would not have their investments wasted. The Karaliene accessories were also level 430 legend equipment, causing people to reinforce that the next legend equipment would also be 430.

There was never any expectation that level 420 scrolls would be used for the new gear, so they had no need to be pushed up.


Ok, that part of those gears was expected/promised to be 430 I really missed. Since the beginning I really thought that they would be 440.

Eventhough there is no expectation, I will keep this post as a suggestion then. Just to give a use to these scrolls, beside let them rot in the bank. Even then, I will not be able to use them on Karaliene too due the level range.