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Transcendence - Gem Table


I’m currently planning how to divide my shards between my gears. Is there an updated quide showing how many gems needed for item transcendence, especially velcoffer ones? I’m planning to trans a set of armor, a subweapon, a one-handed and a two-handed.



Took this from one of the FAQs the staff did a while ago (check the AFTER columns)
Personnaly, that’s all i have


Thats Confusing.
Now i need 21 gems for T6 -T7 on my 380 Primus 2h Spear…didnt they lower the gems required with rebuild?
A 350 Armor neeeds more gems then a 380 2h weapon?


isn’'t it obvious ? Yes they lowered the gems required


You can use TOS Guru, going to the relevant piece of equipment allows you to enter the Trans level and will tell you the necessary Gem amount:

There will be an event that temporarily reduces the Transcendence requirements on even Stages on certain days.


You dont get it ^^
INGAME i need 21 gems to reach T7 with my 380 Primus 2-H spear.

In this pic i read a primus 1h sword needs 50 gems after the change…?

Your date seems wrong or my weapon or the npc must be buggy …

Or they increased the rate.


Welp, my bad, i found the devblog about it (look at 3/4 of the post)

They reduced the amount of gems you need by 50%, however they only gave examples for armor and sword


The picture @xDrHellx posted shows the total Gems to reach that stage.

To reach Trans 7 on a Unique 2H Spear is 65 total, vs the 50 total on a Primus Raffye Sword.