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Transcend transfer

I would like to suggest to have a transcend transfer for same level equipments. just like the enchant and awake transfer.

This will help the community to preserve some of the equipments that have transcendance… If you want you could only do this for “Legend” items just to be fair.

@Ignitor please use your eyes to read before doing anything, and stop spreading false informations.
yes this is a never ending grind game, and you should be happy that you did not farm anything for yourself and get carried by others.

its too good to be true. and later on someone will suggest to transfer enhance.not that i dont like it, its just too good to be true. beside the cost is different for each legend.even if the transfer gonna cost more like how awakening/enchant transfer accross high level gap, currently bg is dam cheaper.

RIP, bg as trading material.

Up… Hope the devs will notice this.