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Tranferring from Klaipeda to EU hypothetical issues


I wanted to know if anyone knows how the transfer from Klaipeda to Eu servers will work and what issues I possibly see.

  1. The issues of being stagnated to Klaipeda for the time being because of early access bonus. Some people got it very rough, some would only lose 15 dollars of In game currency, regardless, not fun.

and the most vital one:

  1. Overlapping teams. If I make a EU team now, will I lose it, or will it merge with my Klaipeda’s account? This is the biggest issue and the most concerning, since losing any character is sad and really, REALLY not fun, and it would be nice to at least know how the devs feel about it, to work accordingly to it.

Aside that, as master race Balt, Can we ask to make one of the EU servers based on Another Lithuanian City? Siauliai, Kaunas, Vilnius? Or hell, Klaipeda EU? (Its my hometown, I WILL be biased and be proud of it.)

Aside that, Smashing game lads! Love it! Want to work it with more! Keep it up!

Check under update it states what gets transferred:

Furthhrmore Ethan has stated in oen of the threads asking this question that the Team inhabiting the targeted server(EU Femidian) would most likely be deletet and not merged.