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Trade Grade BUG 2month ago

im SEA player

i already submit a lot of ticket
but customer service always say steam guard
but i said the bug is another
did this game really have customer service ??
or all of customer service is bot?
in game have a lot IMC’s bot (cause IMC never ban them soi think they are all imc’s bot)
and customer service all bot?

so tell me
im already LV127 but why tradegrade not check the LV50’s
it 3month ago

and why customer service only speak F U C King steamguard
i don’t wanna use that S H I T
i have more than 5 account wanna be a shop chain
but still can’t trade some talt to this account


Having multiple accounts is not something IMC condones. You either need to activate Steam guard on your alts with mobile, and you need to fulfill the other requirements (team level 5, revelations, etc) on them.

Your ticket is nonsense gibberish to them just like it would be to anyone else who speaks English. Whining at them that you don’t want to use Steam guard isn’t going to change their policy that you are already trying to circumvent.