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TP Spending limit

Hi guys.

Heard about this game 2 weeks ago and decided to get steam for the first time to play. I’ve apparently hit my (incredibly low) to spending limit of 300/ month…

Sent several tickets to support to lift this but I keep getting the same response…“unfortunately we have reviewed your steam purchase data and we are unable to help you at this time” etc etc.

I have offered to verify myself…I’ve asked how much I need to spend. But I’ve just received the same robotic response…so maybe someone here can help answer the following:

  1. Considering I got steam just for this game…how long do I need to wait/how much do I need to spend before this restriction is lifted?
  2. When is the monthly reset for this limit?

This is very frustrating for me as all I want to do is buy a few cosmetic pieces and some tomes so I can get into the game…but it seems I will be unable to for a while…

Thanks for any help on this.

I understand that this may be frustrating, but this is to protect against fraudulent accounts.
Sadly, we are unable to state what conditions are need to lift the restriction, but I would recommend that you continue to play and send a Support Ticket after a few more weeks to have your account checked again.


The most frustrating part of your policy is that there is no verification process for legit spenders. Very amateur I’m afraid and it is turning me off the idea of sticking around for sure.

Can you at least answer the question of:

When is the reset on this 300tp? It’s the 2nd of the month now and I still cannot spend. Doesn’t it reset at the start of the month? Or are you saying I need to wait 2-3 weeks to buy again?

I have the same of you bud. This is frustrating asf.

When is this monthly reset gonna happen? @STAFF_Letitia @STAFF_Yuri @STAFF_Amy @STAFF_Ines @STAFF_Ethan

I have been having this same problem myself, I am also unable to send a ticket because when i link my steam, in your site it does not load. It just states

With a blank page… How am i able to send a ticket… ;/ and If i try to refresh the page and do it again, the same thing happens and the steam never gets linked to my account in your site…

I am with the same problem now.

And the most frustrating part is that they are NEVER clear how many time we need to wait ou how much we need to spend to unlock our accounts.

It’s a useless, amateur, useless and unclear system.

IMC:we ignore RMT,but we can’t accept normal player spend TP.