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TP Spending Limit 2021

IMC needs to handle this concern professionally! For Christ’s sake I purchase TP and now I can’t seem to use my remaining 3.9k TP due to this concern.

The fact that I sent them multiple request - and all I get is the same robotic replies is really frustrating.

I even sent them my bank account transaction details - relating to my steam purchases. Also, a separate screenshot of my STEAM purchase history.

I hope someone step up from IMC staff and help me out.

Server: S.E.A Telsiai
Team Name: Hornie

I hope you can help me guys:

@STAFF_Amy @STAFF_Ines @STAFF_Letitia @STAFF_Ethan @GM_Francis

This is just so sad… i sent them screenshots of my updated 3.9k TP and my bank transactions just to prove them that my account is legit, sadly this is their reply:

Greeting Savior,

Thank you for contacting us.

Please be informed that we already received your ticket regarding your concern.

Kindly stop sending further tickets about your concern to avoid confusion. Also, please be reminded that we will not entertain your request if you keep on sending tickets with the same issue.

Best Regards,
Tree of Savior Support Team

zzzzz this is really frustrating!

It’s my own money that came from my own bank account. but still they dont want to lift my spending limit… zzzz

Hmm try asking in discord or reddit. More ppl active there than forum.
Also it might be that you need a token active but i’m not sure.

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im hoping a staff / admin / gm can help me out here. coz all im getting is a robotic reply from my tickets.

so frustrated about this issue right now. sigh

You need to spend first then wait for your rookie buff to be gone (which probably a month).

It’s their defense system for people who’s refunding.

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spent like couple hundreds already, i even gave them my bank account transaction history, my credit card info (literally my card) and my steam purchase history. (and even gave them my government ID)

i want them to know that im here to play legit thats why I gave them those personal information.

i think thats a proof that my account is legit, they should give some considerations.

sighhh its really frustrating that i cant use my remaining 3.9k TP.

besides, steam wont even let you refund if you already put the TP in your character or its pass 48 hours.

IMC really needs to make some considerations with legit players.

28 days after your 1st spending.

I suggest you wait if you like the game again its their defense system for people who’s refunding.

GL and happy grinding.

my other account is having the same issue. 2016 account and still the spending limit is not lifted.

Where do you see your spending limit?

Here is the solution to your issue [quote]:

Monthly TP Spending Limits Applied


Jul 3rd, 2017

Greetings, Saviors.

In order to prevent payment fraud-related issues from affecting the game, starting from this week’s scheduled maintenance (July 4, 2017), we will be adopting a monthly TP spending limit for Steam accounts that have a shorter payment record since their time of creation.

This means that players who have made fewer purchases on Steam since creating their account (in accordance with the account purchase information provided by Steam​) may be restricted from using more than 300 TP in-game per month. After attempting to use more than 300 TP in one month, players with TP limits will see a message alerting them of this monthly restriction.

If you find that a TP spending limit has been applied to your account and want this restriction to be removed, kindly send a ticket via our Support page under the “Payment” >> “Reset TP Spending Limit” category so we can verify and process your request individually.

Please note that this TP limit applies only to how much TP an account is allowed spend in-game. It does not restrict the amount of TP that players are able to purchase on Steam.

Thank you.

It doesn’t matter how old the account is but how often you bought TP via Steam.
You only have to send a ticket on the main site via the right support ticket channel (as explained above) and your problem will be solved (it literally took me 10 seconds to find that answer via the search function on the main site).


you cannot see it in game as far as I know, so you have to calculate the amount manually by subtracting every purchase from 1000 TP.

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Hello Xerxes,

Apologies for the inconvenience. We would like to inform you that there is a policy being followed in order to process your request about TP spending limit. We highly suggest to contact support again after spending more time playing normally.

Are you sure Kisa? No offense but I think IMC refer to purchases in general on steam (eventually steam level as well)
I’m 99,3% sure ist like that :hugs::face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Follow kisa guide or just wait. Set up ur steam guard and maximize ur market/trading level in TOS. Botters have an easier access without this method, but as long u play normally, u will be able to spent as much TP u want sooner or later.

i gave up guys… spent more than 600 dollars to TOS, still they wont reset nor increase my spending limit.

i need to wait another month in order to use my remaining TP (which sucks).

im so done, gave them all my personal information identification, purchase history both steam and bank account…

Just wait mate they are just following SOP.

True, no special treatment here. No point to rush too. Not much to gain by spending now, when the big plan still not yet fully unfold.