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Tp prices on the steam store page?

So any of the developers care to tell me why its cheaper to get tp if I was playing on the South Asia server and the South American server compared to either playing on the North American server or the Europe server?

Because the value of money depends on where you live (due to disparities in average salaries, disposable income, etc). The packs are priced to be fair(er) for those living in each region

So none of you have noticed the actual SEA (south east asia) Server for 30 tp is actually in the wrong placement?

Dude you sound like newbie with your complaints and overly sophisticated idea that doesn’t even suit imc current capability
If you can’t handle mistake like this you shouldn’t bother play tos as the game has tons of it
The game, the development, the management.
People are complaining things since day 1 and look where we are, tons of things left unfixed, outdated
Just look at most of this forum tagged stuff, are they still relevant?
Lemme give you an example,
making pet doesn’t use character slot take 4-5 years to get implemented, and it’s already complaint since day 1.
If you can’t handle issue that most people who being loyal as masochist players can just ignore you will only die in vain due to getting tortured by disappointments
Most people who still complaints for the game goods majority left the game already.

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