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TP limit for returning account bugged

Team name: Robinn
Server: Telsiai

Hi I would like to ask why a TP limit was put on my account again. I already removed it in 2017, when I returned this year I realised a TP limit was put in place again.

After raising tickets to remove the TP limit the support team was extremely rude to me and did not want to assist me. Is this how you treat returning players? Do you just want to restrict returning players, take their money, and not let them use the TP? To all players thinking about returning, be warned that they may just implement a TP restriction on your old account without any explanation.

We would like to inform you that one of our conditions for the removal of the restriction is that a certain period of time must pass after a new user’s first TP payment to ensure that the TP will be used appropriately after the period to refund has passed.

This was the reason given, so I waited for a few days, but then when I raised another ticket I was told this

we will be unable to remove the monthly spending limit on your account according to your steam purchase data

First you said just wait a few days and we will verify again, now you say the limit will be unable to be removed? If this is the case just refund my TP package. Could you at least do that?



No forthcoming assistance? You can’t even bother to reply me? I’ve been getting repeated replies of please wait a few days and we will be happy to re-verify, but are they even re-verifying?

I’ve already bought new Steam games and it’s been a long time (almost a month) since my first TP purchase AFTER RETURNING. And no one bothers to reply me on why I have a TP limit on my account when I have ALREADY LIFTED it in 2017 !! My first TP purchase was like in 2016.

GMs please do your job and escalate this to the verification team. I suspect the TOS Managers aren’t doing ANYTHING at all.

Hello Savior,

As state by the support team, certain period is required after your first TP purchase. It’s advisable that you try to use your available TP first and buy items that is within the current limit on your account.

How long is that period? I’m already capped on TP limit since long ago. Also, can you please explain why a new limit was put on my account? It was already lifted since 2017. Does this mean that if I go on hiatus for 2 years a limit will be put on my account again?