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TP - IMC stole my money?

Sever: Telsiai
Team Name: Moe

I bought TP for the sole purpose of buying the 2020 Berry package, but when I went to spend it it says i cannot. I tried sending multiple tickets and getting no solution.

As of now, sincc IMC wont allow me to spend the TP for the reason I bought it, IMC basically stole my money and didnt give me anything in return!

I tried asking for a refund since I cant use it, but no proper response was given.

And if you tell me to play the game normally, I will but then give my money back till then!


Put in a ticket, there is a special category to have the TP limit increased.

please take a look at the attached pic. i put in 6 tickets but no solution.

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The more you ask for refund the more they will restrict you as the “TP limited restrcition” is created for fraud refund.
Stay calm and rip your money, they may remove your limited someday.
And it is weekedn btw, so none of them is working.
And about how long will they remove your limited, 4 weeks/1 month is the shortest term to do it. (to make sure you cant refundable).
Now uninstall the game, thks