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TP - Exchange Store lack of update


I’ve been patiently waiting & for the past… Say a little more than a year, the exchange store has not been updated.

The last costume that was added (to my knowledge) is linked below for the twilight costumes,


What’s up with that? There has been a ton of goddess cubes with costumes but they’re not being updated into the exchange store.


What am I supposed to do with this? It’s been siting in my account for 1-2 years already.

Please kindly rectify it.



Please assist.

they punish you because exchange those medals.


i want them to update the store with all the previous goodies

but i realize its just in my dream

sell medal costume for BG!!

Petition for this coming xmas … bring back the goodies!!!

bring back fluffy penguin costumes please

Simply ignoring the issue & not putting the costumes into the exchange store to force the “Fear of Missing out” to occur in the players isn’t right.

Please don’t ignore us.

@STAFF_Bob @STAFF_Yuri @Staff_Jin

I spent quite a lot & would like to actually get some of the stuff I actually wanted.

@IMC I highly suggest to please put ARTS RESET POTIONS in the TP Shop, what is the point of resetting our class, skills and stats if our Arts remains in our previous classes. I’d rather pay than wait for the daily wings of Vaivora coins which takes ages to collect btw.