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Toy hammer for monk

Im next to be rank 5 and monk Circle 1

I read Toy hammer got a nerf? but this affect to monk too??

Should i buy one? is very cheap on my server atm

Will work the explosion with Double Punch??

Can anyone explain me the changes on toy hammer related about Monks?

Wont be my last weapon is just for use till 220 its fine? or just better valia maybe?

I did buy one cuz its cheap. I tested and it can proc explosion just fine if you spam one inch punch+ palm strike + hand knife and double punch.

Explosion should occur around 3-4 punches after you applied those spams.

If you hit many mobs, the explosion occurs much faster, saving your stamina in the process.

I dont know much but its probably because the ticks from those debuff count as physical hit or something allowing monk to legitimately proc the explosion :neutral_face:

The damage is around 20k-25k per explosion so its nice constant dps for monk to have

It got nerfed to have 80% less damage, give or take. It’s no longer worth using imo. Grab a regular high dmg sword/blunt instead.


Yes, toy hammer gives 1 proc to an enemy on each hit, as long it was a physical skill. (Double punch hits twice so 2 procs, bleed ticks from palm/one inch also count.)

Just grab something with higher dmg, just not toy hammer.

@fasupernova ■■■■ you.

Sure, just my 2 cent. Up to OP to decide

@Wurmheart and kid, try to be nice, tq

I doubt proc can deals 25k damage after nerf
what is your build? or did you just mean “pre-nerf”?

You don’t even know who I am, that says enough.
When someone asks for advice, they’re not asking to get screwed over because you can’t be arsed to do your homework.

  • Toy hammer explodes for every 10 charges a mob has, and charges can expire after enough time.
  • 3-4 double punches is literally 6-8 charges if they all hit. Learn to count.
  • Likewise the 20k-25k range was from before the dmg nerf. It’s now got an max approximate 5k dmg burst for a dex build.

Misinformation of this sort is not welcome here, and will be called out.
I expect you know where the door is, so scram.


Only compare explosion damage, from the 2 different video’s. Because there is a big level difference.

+10, 255 p.atk ( weapon enchant ) and 2x lvl 6 green gems

Suncus maul:
+7, 286 p.atk ( no weapon enchnat ) and 2x lvl 5 green gems

Before toyhammer nerf ( r8 update: )

After toyhammer nerf ( r8 update ) :

My conclusion:

Toyhammer before the update was broken, monks could get as high as 200k procs on it in perfect situations, but mostly if you solo it’s about 40-50k that it procced. But still it procs super fast as you can see in the video’s. You would outdamage everybody on bosses easily with it.

Now after the nerf. It only tends to proc once. It’s still a nice aoe. and because of it’s fast proccing, you will be able to still push high damage numbers on it. And it still works great on elites. But it doesn’t do anything amazing damage wise.

I use for party play suncus maul, for solo play toyhammer still. but toyhammer needs a good high refine to make it worth it over the other weapons, and you need a high crit stat.

My advice for monk weapons

Crit is king, if you don’t crit your damage dives big time, so crit is what you focus on always.

Early Monk c1 ( 40-160 )

Five hammer, no competition. ( + arde dagger at lvl 75 )

Reason for this is, everything is a 1 hit anyway and this thing will aoe large groups for you on auto hits, double punch with the crit on that weapon is going to shine big time. 5x gem slots = 110 crit ( lvl 5 gems )

Crits will outdamage any other weapon, and crit is something you will want as much as possible specially at lower level where stamina gear + crit gear are sparse.

Late monk c1 / early c2 ( 160 - 225 )

Toy hammer + Suncus maul + karacha dagger

Gameplay starts to shift here, you will encounter 60-100k hp targets. So that means you will be debuffing targets a lot more then straight up damaging them.

Suncus maul:

It gets used for monsters that you won’t be debuffing, specially good for energy blast + monsters that have low hp that you punch dead in 1/2 hits ( sub 15k hp monsters.

It also is the weapon to use for party play. Double punch on links + 11k energy blast ticks are insanely strong with it.

I still use it at 270, all the time this way.

Toyhammer high refined:

It needs a high refine + good gems + weapon enchant, but then it will outdamage suncus maul specially on leather as the proc hits harder on that for sure monsters.

Catacomb blade:

There is actually a catacomb blade that gives way more damage on plate monsters, through its bonus. But plate you will already melt them in seconds with both weapons, so i honestly don’t see much use for it. Any monster that isn’t plate the damage will dive downwards. So i skipped that one.

*End game monk c3 220-280+

Didel tower shield, 2x lvl 5 gems is already 58 crit, crit is king + having loads more defense outweights the mimimal damage bonus of karacha more and more the higher you get.

Same weapon setup as c2 monk.

Bonus video’s:

Suncus maul +7 with weapon enchant ( 385 p.atk ) 2x lvl 5 gems, killing worst possible monster ( no weaknesses to monks attack ) 144k hp target at gryna’s hill.

+10 toyhammer with weapon enchant ( 255 p.atk ) 2x lvl 6 gems, same situation as suncus maul video

Keep in mind that i picked 2 mobs after eachother, there is rng involved on if one of the debuffs get replaced by another which will do a lot more damage, and also toyhammer proc is kinda weak against that monster.

So yea kinda hard to test really. But it still gives people a idea. And i simple lack the time, to make multiple video’s of different monsters situations.

Ok for the videos look still Toy hammer for solo is not bad option i bought really cheap one +10 on my server for 1M so let test it

I did some testing with the following set up:
+10 Toy Hammer (2x lv5 green gems)
+8 Catacombs Blade (2x lv5 green gems)
+8 Suncus Maul (2x lv5 green gems)
+6 Iron Fist (2x lv5 green gems)

given that Iron Fist has highest base damage it wins(outside of some plate monsters, where cata blades comes a little bit ahead), but if we throw it out of equation, you get something like this:
vs Plate = Cata Blade wins big time (I was able to pull 14k+ crits on double punch per hit. if target would be lythargied, you can only imagine what happens)
vs anything else Toy hammer and Suncus have comparable damage.

Just as a compaarison, pre-nerf toy hammer did almost double the DPS of Iron Fist… A little bit broken considering the weapon level and all that.

My end of the shtick is, stick to suncus maul until you can get your hands on hight end weapon ( iron fist is great, but a little hard to get and a bit overpriced for what it gives you )

Toy hammer is a waste of a million for the suncus maul costs under 10k nowdays

I basically solo all the content i play, currently 274 on my monk3. I do all the kill counts on every map on all monsters no matter which.

Catacomb blade is king on plate for sure, but tend to never use it as the damage is already high enough with the other waepons. To lazy to swap really. As i only have 2 weapons in my weapon swap slot.

Iron fist is ungainable, and not really interesting with r8 now, as there are better r8 weapons to get. Easier to just level towards there and get those weapons. So i left it out on purpose realy.

Toyhammer vs suncus maul, i dunno how much you really played the char and if you killed a lot of high hp monsters. but toyhammer will pull infront of suncus maul big time, because of the exploision on elites. I tried to main suncus maul a few times, but instantly switched back to toyhammer as the damage just drops off.

Keep in mind that toyhammer explosion still gets effected by leather ( extra dmg ) and also by defense debuffs ( extra damage ). It’s insanely easy to proc for monks on top of it.

So toyhammer for me is still the king, unless you can get your hands on iron fist, but good luck with that.

But i can see how you come to those conclusions tho, because it’s insanely hard to test the damage of monk, because it all depends on if debuff sticks on targets or get overwritten and if you crit etc etc.

Good choice, hands down the best weapon atm that is easily gainable. 1m for +10 is super cheap. I would try to put some lvl 5-6 gems on it tho. Crit is king.

If you tend to party play a lot, get a suncus maul with crit gems. absolute best thing to go for.

I am currently 310 inquisitor. My monk is the only char I play in high end content. I have 3 monks I took to 250+ to test which one works for me. Soloed them all the way as well… before the nerf, toy hammer all the way, now not so much

Magas mace is a bad choice?

It works, if you already have it. Suncus Maul outdamages it if you are planning to buy one, so that would be a smarter buy