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Toxic AFK player self-admiting in controlling an alt account

To be honest, I am rather fine with people having alt account. As long as they keep the fact to themselves and their friend, and not give anyone else trouble.

AFK-ing with alt account in team plays like dungeon will lengthen the runs and waste other people’s time. Your friends may be fine with it. However, you should not expect the same attitude from people who aren’t your friends.

And worse than that, threatening to abuse the report system is unacceptable.

  • Reason for report : (1) Alt account “Maple” AFK in instanced dungeon ; (2) aggressive phrasing against other players, threatening to abuse report system on good players ; (3) self admitted that he controls an alt account

  • Server : Klaipedia (NA)

  • Team Name : Plasmagica / (Alt Account - AFKer) Maple

  • Location : 330lv Instanced Dungeon

  • Approximate date / time (EDT) : Around 8:30 EST on 09/04/2018, dungeon started around 8:20

  • Evidence

I do not tolerate bad mouthing coz it promotes a toxic gameplay experience… But was he/she geared? Because what usually happens is this does happen often so they can get the bonus exp as a 5 man party and could have easily cleared it solo too. I learned to ignore them especially if I am in exp tome as long as the whole party gets carried as well

usually the people who complain about stuff like this do insignificant dmg in a dungeon run lol


ppl like this guys are useless in the dg and are complaing, but hes getting carry…

My god, this community is gold. Congratz guys, for being who you are. You’re surely making the ToS community a better place to be. :joy:

i dunno how your world works but if a guy is carrying me i dont report his alt acount lol hahahahahahaah

thanks for ppl that carry in dgs and make that pain less hard


did the player asked for a carry?

if u join the dungeon that means u are doing dmg, if u are afk u are doing 0 dmg, doesnt matter if u are doing more dmg than the other player, they expect all “players” are doing dmg and doing their job

good job reporting Im doing the same

this game need a kick mechanic for afk players asap

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What if I’m a sapport

Jokes aside, they just trying to gain as much silver, if that’s so, I’d just enter alone so they won’t get much xp.


This is an example of a toxic player, trying to force others to do whatever he wants because he have better gear.

When I do dungeons, I dont look for a carry (even in my alt low gear toons). I pray for my group to spread and clean every room in the dungeon, its the fastest way to do it, more people helping, faster we clean it. Even if all my hits do 999k of damage, I couldnt clean multiple rooms at the same time.
He should ask for the other 3 guys if they are ok with carrying, not demand a carry because he can do more damage or whatever.

This philosofy of “he is carrying, he can do whatever he wants” is so wrong lol.


totally agree

its a toxic player who deserves a punishment

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I was a Linker3 Thau3 character following the group and linking/buffing on CD/Expiration. I did not ask for carry, since it was through random queue. I do not know the guy I am reporting.

In his mind Linker3 Thau3 should do damage. Too bad I do not have a Trans-10 Rod on my support character.:disappointed_relieved:

I’ve been in a group with plas/maple before.
And while I normally complain about afkers I did notice that his alt account was a support and would at least buff the group before going afk on it.
The buffs last for almost the entire dungeon run because of how fast it is.
It’s probably more beneficial than having just another dps because of how powerful some support buffs are.

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imo, i wouldnt mind if it was some lower lv dungeon, any1 carryng would have gear/level several tier apart from us… but… its 330 dun :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

and currently many people que in that dun so hipothetically that party slot used by afk alt could be filled by some1 else whose active and could actually help clear dungeon faster :s

I usually run the 330 with my friend as a support, and ye, haste + quicken didn’t even expire after I finished the dung run. My clear time is faster than the 300 dungeon.

just a tip
if u are doing it for money or exp doesnt matter
like the player above said

if u wanna carry ur alt account (dont even know if its against the politics) use the “enter now” function or ask for 3 friends and use the option “match as a party”, random players dont care about u, they dont wanna waste their time with u

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Gosh this is awkward; I know Plasmagica - and he is a very powerful player in terms of gear. I don’t think it’s wrong to have an alt; and if he’s using it to buff prior to doing the run; at least its fulfilling a role.

His final reply was harsh; but you were threatening to and then did post the conversation to the forum. Prior to your whispered threat; he did not say anything mean. I doubt I would of been any kinder in the situation of the whisper - which is meant to be private to begin with.

So perhaps; you’re at fault for sharing a private conversation. Can we ban people for that?

Ban the afker/leecher/Maple :+1:

I could have posted without noticing him. I did notice him for courtesy. That is not threatening him. I could not get anything from him by whispering him.

I posted the conversation because players are supposed to behave when they are not dealing with friends. Let’s say I whispered you saying you are retarded. Is that ok because it’s private?

You should of posted without the whisper of intent. That made it a threat; one you carried out successfully. Congrats.

And so we are clear a threat is any statement (“What you said will be posted on official forum” in this case) of an intention to damage someone in retribution (You declared you will attempt to get his alt banned because he carried it).

Having an alt is not against the rules in the Terms of Service or End user license agreement. But harassing a player with a threat? That is; right at the top. "You shall not abuse, harass or threaten another player or members of IMC Games"

Now; what his reply acceptable? I’d say that was harassment. So my point is; ban both of you.

You threaten people so that they will concede and give you some benefits. I am not sure why declaring I am reporting him will lead to him giving me any benefit.

On the other hand, he threatened me that he’d report me twice if I reported his alt. The benefit he would get was that I wouldn’t report him because he got to abuse the report system with his alt.

I am respectful throughout the conversation, even in whisper. I do not see why I am the one to be blamed.

I will not argue anymore with you. I cannot understand your logic :sweat: