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[TOS] Tomb of the White Crow (Unique Raid) Solo Run

[TOS] Tomb of the White Crow (Unique Raid) Solo Run

[TOS] Tomb of the White Crow (Unique Raid) Solo Run

Build i was using: Wizard-Taoist-RuneCaster-Chronomancer

Phase 1: Skiaclipse(sealed):

  • When Skiaclipse(sealed) reaches around 70/40/10% hp it will trigger a gimmick to summon gold and black monsters while it gains a tremendous defense buff for 25-30 seconds.

  • There was no need to do the seal gimmick to kill the gold monsters and ignore the black ones because my build is not specialised for that type of targetting and would waste more time/potions/effort.

  • If you fail to complete the seal gimmicks then Skiaclipse(sealed) will gain a stacking damage buff that carries over into phase 2, however it is not as big of a deal as shown in the vid.

  • I tried to stay near Skiaclipse(sealed) in order to use my burst combo as well as mitigate its outer reaching aoe attacks, It does way more damage if you try to stay in a mid-long range from it, so staying near the boss is reccomended.

  • Skiaclipse(sealed) will transition into phase 2 once it reaches around 2.5m-3m hp

Phase 2: Skiaclipse

  • In this phase, Skiaclipse will gain access to alot of high DPS attacks and have special attack patterns at specific HP thresholds that can easily wipe your party if you are unprepared or caught unawares.

  • Skiaclipse’s lightning strikes are quite tricky to avoid if you dont happen to have fast reactions or fast movespeed. If you are hit by them then you will be scilenced and rooted while the boss will go towards you and try to divebomb you, most of the time this attack will outright kill undergeared or less tanky party members. It is important to keep note that the lightning strikes will increase in radius as Skiaclipse’s HP falls low.

  • In order to avoid the lightning strikes, i lured Skiaclipse towards the 4 primary directions of N/S/E/W and constantly was on the move. Teleportation and Rune of Giant’s increased movespeed buff enabled me to get around the area quicker.

  • When Skiaclipse casts its curse on you, you will have decreased movespeed and also take a huge amount of damage after a short duration spreading the damage to nearby party members too. In order to combat this, it is reccomended for your most tanky party member to take the curse off someone and run to an isolated area to tank its explosion damage so that your party does not get wiped.

  • I was able to tank through the curse thanks to Magic Shield’s damage reduction along with Rune of Giant’s increased HP buff. Stop was also a crucial factor to avoid the curse damage entirely when i was able to have the leeway to use it.

  • When Skiaclipse teleports you/your party members to the middle and links itself+them together in a black chain, it will continously heal and do constant damage to you/your party members. It is reccomended to run away from each other and the boss ASAP when this happens to avoid healing the boss too much.

  • I was able to use Teleportation to quickly warp away from the boss when this happened so that Skiaclipse didnt heal too much.

  • Perhaps the most annoying of Skiaclipse’s skill set is its bone prison attack that can easily wipe your party at a moment’s notice. It will only cast this at 100m/60-65m/20-25m hp thresholds. Once cast, a random party member will be warped near the middle of the map and be scilenced while a bone prison will spawn to trap them in. This bone prison will also emit a green circle underneath itself that will function as a safetyzone for Skiaclipse’s 999,999 damage map radius AoE nuke that will instantly kill all players if they are not in the green circle or not under an iframe(damage avoidance skill). It is reccomended to destroy the bone prison and free your party member ONLY AFTER Skiaclipse casts this nuke or else the safeyzone effect will be nulled and you will all die.

  • In order to avoid the bone prison attacks, i made use of luring the boss to the 4 Primary directions and moved between them. It is imperative to avoid the middle of the map and try to keep as much distance from yourself to the boss as possible. Stop was used to avoid getting targetted for the scilence and trap part of the bone prison while Pass + Stop(again) was used to avoid its 999,999 nuke damage.

  • Sometimes if you are far away from the boss it will be confused for abit and might not even cast the bone prison, opting for a different attack pattern instead even though the notice for the bone prison attack is showing. This is a good thing and means that you “skipped” that specific HP threshold’s bone prison attack.

Ending Notes

Overall a tough fight due to it’s annoying mechanics. Most of the time i actually had to hold back on DPSing it as much as possible in order to safely activate it’s HP threshold attacks when i am most prepared. Constant movement is the key to this fight and staying in 1 place for too long is asking for death.

Also soloing the boss is different from party setup because in a party you would want to do as much dps as possible whereas solo you would not want to do as much dps as possible. This is to safely activate its hp thresholds and be able to survive.

You’ll notice I never once was able to use creepy>pass>creepy. This is because if I did I can transition from 1 hp threshold directly into another which would cause it to cast double the bone prisons and I would only have access to 1 stop when I would need 4.

Therefore the minimum safety I had to have all times is 2 stops via pass.

It is best to do this raid in a party, only attempt it solo if you are machoistic and/or are using a build which has access to damage avoidance skills(iframes).


Most Impressive! Some good research here

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