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ToS the Animation?

Do you think IMC would dare to make one?

first of all why would IMC make an anime for a game that was originally from nexon

Gravity didn’t even make the anime for RO lol

also i hope they don’t better leave it to real animators

Nexon is a publisher, IMC Games is the developer of ToS. Where’d you get your information?

Yes, Gravity didn’t make Ragnarok the Animation, but they did commission the anime from G&G Entertainment and Gonzo studios. So if IMC Games does decide to make an anime out of ToS, they’ll commission it from existing studios as well.

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We can expect to see a lot of sports and OFC car racing and tuning,


If I’m correct RO Anime had no real ending right ? Like Tales of animes. It has been a long time I watched it so I don’t really remember. I don’t know if a ToS anime could be great in that case, and can you imagine characters with rainbow builds lol ? No Novice job, bad world map design and no poring (nothing in ToS can deal with the soul of porings).

ToS: The Animation.
Featuring CommanderLoad Fail, Tons of Bugs, and Kabborasitors.



Blade and Soul also made an attempt on anime.

With IMC questionable decisions maybe they can commission one!

At least Blade & Soul was a decent adaptation of the MMORPG whereas Ragnarok the Animation was a WTF adaptation of RO. I’d rather have an anime of the Ragnarok manhwa over RO.

The Ragnarok Manwha came first, the RO game was based on it. Not the other way around.

I’m not quite sure I understand why you needed to clarify that. I never said anything to the contrary.