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TOS Re | Pyromancer + Elementalist + Chronomancer




Impressive. But the interactions with Fireball are intriguing…
May I ask, instead of Chronomancer, you go for Onmyoji and maximize FireFox Shikigami? The translated description says, at level 15, “Fire attribute magic damage +95%”.
If this is true and is a +95% damage to all fire property skills…well, the world will burn.


Isn’t that Crit chance or Crit damage rather than simple magic damage?


That is +95% Fire skill Crit Chance.

Its definitely not dmg or crit dmg.


Still, Crit Chance is the most difficult to raise I believe. Therefore it is still a good addition, though you loose Chrono skills like reducing the CD’s or fast casting for Meteor.

Do you know if Rod Mastery (Reducing Casttime) and the Casting Time Reduction skill stack for 80% reduction?



Yea i think going omnyo for that crit chance is good. Sandstorm + fireball is just too good. With agny. We can watch the world burn to crips.


Wow cool. I noticed you use sand storm followed by fireball. What would happen if you set up multiple fireballs then cast sand storm that covers all area with fireballs?

Edit: also, that new fire elementalist skill looks weak (the one that sends out “fireballs” in different direction, not prominence). Is it worth investing points in it?


only up to 3 fireballs works with sandstorm so far I tested. but its really nice combo.

fireclaw u mean? that one can be good spell if u have falconer around, aim it in the middle of boss.
can be a good burst.


Oh? Does fire claw have very high skill factor%? I haven’t seen it in action much, but looks like a single hit skill?