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Queenie’s Quarters

Team Name: The_Bluesorrow
Server: Telsiai [SEA]

Hello owoy

This is RGA’s main office for our odd jobs, requests, and the likes :satisfaction:

I am Queenie, and I’ll be your tour guide for today >w<

  • The Entrance

    Here is where customers will be entering , we provided a bell chime where people can call for our attention.

  • The Lounge

    At the left side of the entrance is where visitors can sit and relax as they wait for us to listen to their request. We also serve some food and refreshments here.

  • The Office

    This is where the main transactions are made as we talk about the requests and finalize the arrangements.

  • The Study

    We try to go as prepared as we can, so we tend to do some research and data gathering in this room. This is where we brainstorm on what approach we should use to meet our objectives.

  • The Kitchen

    You may wonder why the kitchen is featured later than everything else. Aside from this is where we prepare snacks for our customers. The left lever of the coffee maker actually opens a secret path that leads to the main base where we equip ourselves with the necessary tools.

But that is something that we shouldn’t be showing for now :haha:

So stop by our office if you need some help :satisfaction:


Bonus Floor
I was asked where the bedroom is, and since i’m a bit shy around people i had it on a different floor

  • Living Room

    We have an actual living room on the second floor of the house. Bigger space and more seats, a general purpose room.

At the end of the room, we have some refreshments and a mirror. I usually use this area for exercising.

  • The Bedroom

    And finally, the sleeping quarters! Here we have a refrigerator for midnight snacks, or breakfast in bed.

Mog’s bed is over there, it’s designed that way because she always fall down from her bed when sleeping.

Apparently, Mogs didn’t like the idea :tired: