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[TOS Personal Housing] Telsiai / Liui / The Old Spaghetti House

-:-±— T H E — O L D — S P A G H E T T I — H O U S E —±:-

Server: Telsiai
Team Name: Liui


Hello and welcome to The Old Spaghetti House (TOSH) where we serve breakfast 24/7. No heart breaks, only happy tummies!

Here is the screenshot of my resto/personal housing:

More in different angles:

I hope you like how I designed my personal housing and feel free to visit me/my place anytime in Telsiai~! Thank you so much and seeya! :prince:


Magnificent! Thank you savior for sharing your Housing interior design. We hope more enthusiast will share their creative designs here.

Please be sure to submit your entry for the Housing Event on the following Link;

For more details about the event please visit the link below

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oooh~ i haven’t thought of using the clock in that manner Owo very nifty idea Owob

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