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[TOS Personal Housing] Telsiai / KuraiKami

Welcome to Kurai’s Throne Room :crown:

Have a tour in my house everyone can be a King/Queen now !! Cosplay as a conqueror while
Everyone is having a party. Celebrate anyone here if you wish to :slight_smile:


This is the dining area, have a few chairs since furnitures are limited

Here is the hang out area, you can read books and chill.
Looks like my style has a kind of minimalism

We have the fireplace too ! if you feel like you want to be alone or somewhat cold :cold_face:

Lastly ! The emphasis of my room is the Throne itself !! :crown: Feel Free to be a King/Queen !


ive been here OAo

a lot of people getting cool rugs Owo meanwhile it’s my 15th roll and i got nothing but talts pots and dilgele ; w ;

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wow thank you for visiting <3 btw I got the rag in my 1st open lol the rest are trash xD

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so lucky >w< i just want any form of carpetry or rugs since the shop don’t sell them / w \

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I have mine just now!! wait until have the 1000points!! maybe works, good luck :blush:

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i’ll do that owo thank u X3