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[TOS Personal Housing] Telsiai / Cellyssalt

Hello~ I’m going to give you a tour to my house, named The Rustic Salt. The house where my characters reside.
This piece, is my re-imagination of what my house looked like. (Fake Archstones and Vaivora /Sad)

Here is my house in Personal Housing.

As seen in the piece, Chili in charge of making (bad) dinner. Pepper like to sleep at the sofa, while Cinnamon prefer the cozy fireplace+floor cushion combo. Garlic… is just being shy.
Here is the “clean” version of both pictures:

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that’s a grand looking dinner table you got there owo!!! why is it called the rustic salt?

I like the feels of homey, traditional, basic house. Like the wooden furniture, the brown looks.
Well, I try my best with Personal Housing’s sets of furnitures

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