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[TOS Personal Housing] - Silute / Snaggletooth

Server Name: Silute
Team Name: Snaggletooth
Character Name: Wooshi

Video Description :
Hello, my nickname is Snaggletooth and I live on the silute server. My house was made to be a relaxing tavern, I placed my trophies that I won thanks to the support of my friends.

I hope you all like the theme of my cave, it is simple but it is comforting.

Team name: Snaggletooth
Server: Silute[SA]

Music: Orgel -Tree Of Savior (SFA) By IMC Games.

Video Link:


Tudo, arrasou Jaum :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Patriota wooshi tooth

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AAAAh <3 <3 brigadoooo

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rsrsrs adaclovis markan

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luv yu vitorpatriota97

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pft pft pft :haha:

oh savor the monster buttkicking but once more :prince:

how to get these monster statues btw? ‘w’

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Uuuuuaaaah, kick them all :blush:
Achieved when you get a weekly boss rank. :laughing:

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oooh i see i see Owo thank you very much X3 (are these sellable in the market? i don’t think i can achieve that / w )

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Nonono ;-; its untradable… but keep on trying, one day you can get <3

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Gogogogo kick all competition, Snaggletooth!! :satisfaction:

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thanks miw :satisfaction:

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