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[TOS Personal Housing] Sand_tuário - Silute / Del_Sand

Hello Everyone

How are you in this hard time? I hope you are great!

My name’s Sandy(Team: Del_Sand). I am the leader of Wanteds on the Silute and I created my home as another fun option! I built it with great affection and it took me a long time to stay the way my friends deserve.

My little house is divided into the following spaces:

  1. Living room - here I can study about our ToS

  2. Dining room - where I promote friendship with my dear friends

  3. Office - here I receive friends to discuss war strategies, make alliances, listen to interesting stories …

  4. Bedroom - My private space to rest. After all, leading a clan takes a lot of work!

That’s why I called it a sanctuary. Or better, Sand_tuary (Sand_tuário) lol

Welcome, everyone! Thanks IMC!


ooooh you got a rug X3

i am so bad at opening those boxes ; w ;

the living room is very nice >w< looks like you can do book reading session there owob

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It’s just amazing what u have done. Congrats

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