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[TOS Personal Housing] My Candy House - Server: Silute / TeamName : Dociinho

Server : Silute
TeamName : Dociinho


Hello my friends, my name is Dociinho I’m here to show you my little house, so get your treats and have fun …

-Let’s start with my living room where I meet my friends and Guild to relax after GTW and talk about various subjects. :3
They are kind of crazy but I love them. S2

-This and my study room is one of my favorite places in my house, where I created my strategies to end Boruta and help the Goddesses.
It is not an easy job. Y.Y

We got to the part where everyone loves the dining room, this part of the house is a favorite of some friends of mine, because everyone is passionate about food. :slight_smile:
I also love sweets cooking for them <3

-Now is the time for my resting place and also the party * - *, here I receive my best friends and do sleepover and gossip a lot mainly about boys and new skins <3

– I hope you liked my house, I did it with a lot of love. <3
Thanks in advance and have a great game day.
Wash your hands and use MASK <3

…XoXo Candy…


the study room is also my favorite X3

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Me encanta :heart_eyes:

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Beautiful room

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