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[TOS Personal Housing]: Manzara / Silute / Manzara


Hello everyone, my name is Tico, I’ve been playing Tree of Savior since Beta Alpha on Korean Server, and I can say that a dream came true having a system of houses on TOS, every day I’ve been moving a little bit of furniture there and there, and I think I finally got what I wanted, I hope you like it.

1 - This is the kitchen, I really liked how it looked, clean and spacious.

2 - My bedroom, for now I don’t have a wardrobe but I hope to have it soon hehe!

3 - This is where I spend most of my time, studying and thinking about the next TOS patches!

4 - And finally my living room, where I can receive my friends, have a good laugh, talk about future GTW strategies, I hope to receive a visit from you soon, my house is open to everyone!

5 - This is my home <3!


i too want a spacious kitchen >w< but i can’t cook ; w ; so most of the stuff we eat are take outs and deliveries =w=;;;


ué, só existe um líder? nem toda guilda é absolutista amore. O post aqui não ofende ninguém e segue todas as regras. Para de passar vergonha que ta feio.