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[TOS Personal Housing] --> Klaipeda / Sasy

There’s always time for tea
Tecito con Sasy <3


oooh~ thank you for the tour >w<

i’m curious how people are able to acquire those statues and npc ‘w’

haven’t seen any npc yet. do they exist? XD

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yeah, i think it’s when you see some rooms with the player’s character in it instead of actually them

don’t they just afk to do that??

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im not sure owo; but i remember someone said to add more than just 1 npc so that they can see all of their characters in the room

that might have been me XD.
I posted a suggestion some days ago to enable all of our characters from the lodge to be seen at the same time inside the housing… which I hope comes true XD


Very cute house, very fancy , i must go for some te and maybe some champagne too !! :blush: