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[TOS Personal Housing] Klaipeda / Phibi

Welcome to Phibi’s House of Lotus

Here in Lotus, we take care of our members by providing a cozy cabin where they can rest after a day of hard work.

The cabin features:

  • a spacious dining area, providing the best hot soups and bread rolls
  • a dessert corner for your daily dose of sugar (ft. the cash register for tipping purposes)
  • a small office area for our guild leader and supporting officers (IMC we need more chairs)
  • a cozy fireplace lounge with a fun champagne tower to help you wind down

[edit - fixing up screenshots]


White tiger rug OAO that’s so cool * w *

ah, you can directly paste an image if you want to add more photos :satisfaction:

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Ohhh thankyou for the info!

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Oh very sweet and fancy house !! love the profile pic!!
I like the studio!! :heart:
cheers for the pretty house !! :clinking_glasses:

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