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[TOS Personal Housing] Klaipeda Mirieliza Place

Come to my coffe - hostel!! We will be happy to see you around!! :hatched_chick: :two_hearts:

This is Mirielieliza Place :hatched_chick:

We have a place to hang out, chill.

you can relax, take bread and coffee


We also have candies,sandwich and tea.
At Mirieliza Place we trust you to pay at the end of your stay :blush: …

Mirieliza Place
…If not, and you plan to leave before pay out we have security, but it won’t be necessary :wink:
(He is just a BTS posing for the picture). :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Also we have a gift stand if you need present.

Everybody are welcome, we are a friendly pet place, so we hope to see you around.

Thanks for coming, and have a nice day !!.


Why im not there ?? :C

You could be if you come, we will waiting for you, you are welcome !! :wink:

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oooh so many sweets * w * i know where i’m going to visit when i have a sweet tooth X3

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Mmmmm breeaad :bread: :coffee: :yum:

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